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Electrolyte Analyzer Q&A ESR Analyzer Q&A

1.What are the requirements for the storage environment of the electrolyte reagent pack?

The temperature requirement is 5-35 degrees Celsius, and there is no requirement for humidity and light, because the reagent is packaged in an opaque box, and the whole can be replaced.

2. Where is the waste liquid from the electrolyte machine discharged?

The waste liquid generated during the test will be returned to the waste liquid bag in the reagent pack, and the user does not need to dispose of the waste liquid separately.

3.How many tests can one kit do?

In addition to the consumption of reagents in the testing process, the automatic maintenance of the electrolyte machine also needs to consume reagents. Therefore, the number of tests in a reagent pack will vary with the user's daily sample volume and the quality of daily maintenance.

4.What is the lifespan of each electrode?

The electrodes on the machine can be replaced individually. According to the user's daily sample volume and the quality of daily maintenance, the life of each electrode is also different, and most of them can work for more than 1 year.

5. Why is the calibration slope abnormal for the new electrode that has just been replaced?

If the electrode does not exceed the shelf life, please confirm that there are no air bubbles at the bottom of the electrode filled with liquid. If there is, tap the bottom of the electrode to make the air bubbles float.

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1. What type of erythrocyte sedimentation tube is suitable for the instrument?

The ESR is an open system. Various brands of 8*120mm disposable vacuum ESR tubes can be used. The cap is black and contains sodium citrate anticoagulant.

2. How to start the test after blood collection with erythrocyte sedimentation tube?

Gently invert the blood sample in the tube 3-5 times or rotate and shake it well and insert it into the sample hole of the instrument, and the result can be read from the printer after 30 minutes. "

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