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    1 Slope or results unstable


    Recommended Solution

    1.The electrode is not activated or
    the activating time is insufficient

    Calibration for more than once

    2.Power supply voltage fluctuates

    Use UPS or power stabilizer

    3.Unreliable grounding

    Check the connection of the
    grounding wire

    1. Humidity is too high in electrode box or there is

    too  much dust inside

    Lower the humidity or remove the

    5.Poor connection of the electrode contact

    Check and connect again

    6.Reagent contaminated or invalid

    Replace the reagent pack

    7.More protein in liquid tubes

    Run protein cleaning program

    8.Incorrect positioning

    Run “Liquid Sensor”or check the positioner

    9.The reference filling solution
    is not enough

    Refill the solution

    10.Electrode does not work

    Replace the electrode

    2 Slope or result of CO2 abnormal


    Recommended Solution

    The detection system leaks

    Clean or replace the tubes, mixing chamber
    cap, drain valve outlet

    Insufficient CO2 standard solution

    Replace CO2  standard solution

    Pressure sensor is broken

    Replace the pressure sensor

    Abnormal mixing

    Clean mixing chamber or replace the motor

    Pump S sticks or long stretches

    Rebound or replace the tubes

    Aged tubes of drain valve or the valve can
    not be closed

    Replace tubes or drain valve

    Air outlet valve leaks

    Replace the tubes or air outlet valve

    3 Aspiration abnormal


      Recommended Solution

    Aspirating tube loose or broken

    Connect again or replace it

    Pump tube sticks or broken

    Restore the tube

    Pump tube blocked

    Clear the blockage

    The gasket between the electrodes
    does not placed properly or

    Place the gasket properly

    The electrode assembly leaks

    Tighten the assembly again


    1. Insert the ESR tube, after one measuring cycle, the screen shows a symbol like position #05 in figure 4-2 Cause: The blood level in ESR tube exceeds the measuring range, or nontransparent material is inside the hole.

    2. The motor doesn’t stop during testing and gives out abnormal noise. Cause: The optical coupler on the measuring board is malfunction.

    3. The position shows “+” but no tube inserted. Cause: The optical coupler on the measuring board is malfunction, or seriously contaminated by dust or oil.

    4. Self-test failed, the screen shows “ERR1”, the instrument halts. Cause: The optical coupler on the measuring board is malfunction

    5. No display on the screen after power on.

    a) Check the power supply.

    b) Check the fuse. If broken, replace with a new one.