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    • 商品名称: KC-100 Microplate Reader

    Microplate      Reader


    1. 8-Channel optical measuring system
    2. Optional single/double wavelength analysis
    3. Extensive onboard data analysis
    4. Variable speeds linear shaking
    5. Cut off(qualitative) and calibration (quantitative) data
    6. Large storage for 2500 results
    7. Touch screen , large LCD display
    8. Possibility to connect with an external printer


    Detection method        Absorbance
    Microplate types         96-well plate(U,V or flat-bottom)
    Measuring system        8-Channel optical system
    Reading speed           12s single wavelength , 30s double wavelength
    Light source             Tungsten Halogen, 12v/20w ,>2000hours
    Wavelength             405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm, 4 free positions for additional filters
    Onboard software         42 user-programmable protocols
    Reading range            0.001-3.500Abs
    Measuring range          0.001-2.500Abs
    Photometric accuracy       <1% or ±0.001Abs
    Wavelength accuracy       <2 nm
    Repeatability             <1 %
    Stability                 <0.005Abs/10min
    Linearity                 <2.0 %
    Shaking                  linear shaking ; low, medium, high
    Input                     Touch screen
    Display                   Large LCD display
    Power supply              AC 200V/110V ±10% , 50/60Hz
    Operating environment      Temperature: 10 ºC ~40 ºC    Humidity:20%~85%
    Dimension                420mm(H) ×400mm(W) ×200mm(D)
    Weight                   9.6kg