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    • 商品名称: XI-1021D Electrolyte analyzer


    Fully Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer



    ■ Large color LCD touch screen, user-friendly machine with graphical menu, easy-to-use operation. Dynamic and real-time display of running status of the sample tray. Multi-language operational software including English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

    ■ High performance electrodes: high precision and wide linearity range, guaranteed with long shelf life.

    ■ High accuracy: Support high/ low value calibrators, automatic calibration of slope and intercept values, avoiding systematic errors caused by matrix effect.

    ■ Advanced automatic control software: automatic two-point STD, and sample aspiration calibration. Automatic liquid level detection. Supporting aspiration of sample from centrifugal tubes.

    ■ Support two modules working at the same time or independantly, up to 120 samples per hour (or 360 tests per hour). 80 positions for each tray. Up to 5 different trays can be programmed.

    ■ Measuring method with single point STD. Real-time detection of each electrode working status, eliminating electrodes drift, ensuring accurate results.

    ■ The machine adopts automatic sequential air and liquid flushing technology, and wash the probe in both internal and external surface to avoid cross contamination.

    ■ Easy for maintenance; automatic liquid level detection and alarms; real-time diagnostic of system working status.

    ■ Up to 45,000 test results can be storedwith convenient sample results review and print-out by sample ID.

    ■ Test results can be uploaded to PC through RS232 port, convenient for print-out comprehensive reportbuilt-in bar-code scanner and USB interface.

    ■ Emergency sample priority to measurementsupport 3 levels of QC, and display, print-out of standard QC graphs.




     Sample System

    ■ Sample tray80 positionsIncluding calibrationQCcleaning

    ■ Sample probeAutomatic liquid level detection

    ■ Probe cleaningInternal and external washing automatically

    Reagent System

    ■ Reagent pack2 packs (containing Standard A 650ml, Standard B 350ml and a waste pouch for each reagent pack), real-time monitoring of reagent volume.

    Analysis System

    ■ Measurement of KNaClCapHCO2: oneISE moduleone carbon dioxide detection system

    Operation System

    Operated under Linux software

    ■ DisplayLCD Touch screen in color

    ■ Print-outProgrammable multi-format print-out

    ■ Interface1 RS-232 portbuilt-in bar-code scanner1 USB port


    Sample variety

    Serum, Plasma, Whole blood, Diluted urine, Cerebrospinal fluid, Pleural fluid

    Measuring speed

    Up to 120 samples/hour (or 360 tests/hour)


    Working Environment

    ■        Temperature10℃~30

    ■        Relative humidity20%85%

    ■        Atmospheric pressure86106Kpa

    ■        Power supply100-240(VAC),(5060Hz±1 Hz


    Dimension: 880mm × 560mm × 550mm(L×W×H)


    Weight: 58kg