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    • 商品名称: KU-11C Urine Analyzer


    1. Cold-light source with high luminosity, long shelf life
    2. Innovative light sensor, high sensitivity
    3. Automatic calibration improves accuracy
    4. Standard RS232 interface for connect with external computer
    5. Storage of 2,000 testing results



    Testing Principles: The reflective photometer reads the color on the strip to calculate the concentration of each testing item and output a semiquantitative analysis result.
    Test items : GLU, BIL, SG, pH, KET, BLD,
    Wavelength: 470nm, 525nm, 625nm
    Stray light :Relative intensity ≤ 1%
    Linearity :Linear correlation coefficient ≥0.995
    Repeatability : Coefficient of variation CV ≤ 1%
    Stability : During 8 hours of operation, Coefficient of variation CV ≤ 1%
    Test throughput : 500 tests/hour
    Language : English
    Display : Large LCD touch screen, Resolution320×240
    Printer : Built-in thermal recorder, paper width 57mm
    Interface : Standard RS-232
    Storage: 2,000 results
    Light source: Super-high brightness LED white light source, with 30,000 hours lifespan