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    • 商品名称: KWP-100A Microplate Washer


    1. Compatible with flat, U-or V-bottom plates
    2. Accept up to 2 cleaning solutions (A/B) (optional)
    3. 8-way and 12-way wash heads interchangeable
    4. Programmable up to 64 wash protocols
    5. Minimal residual volume
    6. Low well-to –well variation
    7. Automatic self-diagnostic program
    8. Automatic liquid monitoring system
    9. Touch screen , LCD display



    Plate type               U,V or flat-bottom
    Wash head               8-way or 12-way
    Wash mode              Row and plate
    Wash rows               1-12 rows
    Wash programs           Up to 64
    Type of Plate             Up to 10
    Wash cycles              1-9
    Dispensing volume         50 to 700 µL
    Dispensing accuracy       <5% at 300µL
    Liquid flow rate           Programmable
    Aspiration strength         Programmable
    Residual volume per well    <2 µL for U/V bottom plates;
    < 3µL for flat-bottom plates
    Soak time                Up to 99 seconds
    Manifold options           1×8, 1×12
    Standard bottle set          1×2L (Cleaning Solution A),
    1×2L (Cleaning Solution B)
    1×2L (Distilled Water)
    1×3.5L (Waste)
    Input                     Touch screen
    Display                   LCD display
    Power supply              AC 200V/110V ±10% ,50/60Hz
    Temperature:              10°C~30°C   
    Humidity                 20%~85%
    Dimension                380mm(H) ×350mm(W) ×190mm(D)
    Weight                   9.0 kg