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    R&D Force

    Yangzhou Cormind Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is Caretium’s reagents production and research base for bio-medical in Jiangsu. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in testing of clinical laboratory medical equipment and in R&D, producing, operating and servicing vitro diagnostic reagents.

    Yangzhou Cormind produces over 18 kinds of bio-chemical reagents with its general-purpose application of all semi-automatic biochemical analyzer such as Mindray BA-88、Mindray BA-90、Caretium NB-201、Yue-Hua YS-2000Ц、Yue-Hua YS-2000Ш、OLYMPUS2700、Hitachi 7170、Hitachi 7180、Cormind KS-660、Rayto、Xun-Da、Gaomi etc chemistry analyzer ; and with its specialized use for Caretium XB-2101, Caretium KB-120 chemistry analyzer.

    KUS10、KUS11 Urine strips application of Cormind KU-11A、Opulen OP-151、Mindray UA-66、Dirui H-300 Urine analyzer ; KUS10A、KUS11A Urine strips application of Cormind KU-11B、URIT Uritest-200B Urine analyzer.